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The Michael Project
The Michael Project


Date: 2009-12-15

With the children all at home for the school holidays there was excitement in the air as they anticipated our annual Christmas outing to Greenwood Park, Harare's local theme park. It’s not quite Alton Towers or Disneyland but it’s a real treat for the children of both Shalom and Chikurubi Prison.

The day had a bit of a shakey start when Helen went to pick up the children from Chikurubi, and half of them burst into tears when being loaded into the car with one even making a running break back towards the prison gates! This brought much laughter from the women prisoners, which is certainly a unique experience.

The African thunder storms, which are so prevalent in December, held off for the morning and the children had a blast on the boats, swings, trampolines and train ride. The day finished off with party food and ice-cream cones, which for some was a first in their lives.

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