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The Michael Project
The Michael Project


Date: 2011-02-16

There was great excitement as we welcomed 300 day old chicks to the new Shalom Chicken Shed. Dave, Tonderayi, Ephraim and Tinashe were the veritable mother hens fussing over their babies as they weighed a sample selection (average 40g), checked the ‘brooder’ temperature, water feeders and wood chips at half hourly intervals.  It’s a highly technical exercise and one that will continue to keep all of the ‘baby sitters’ awake at night for a few days to come ! 

Please pray for health and weight-gain for these much anticipated chicks, and that they would bring income, interest and enterprise to The Michael Project.

Already Clayton has formed a great interest in the venture and we look forward to the years ahead when he will be fully trained and able to have his own Chicken Run. 

Check out the pictures below.

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