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The Michael Project
The Michael Project


Date: 2011-03-09

After a 5 month break, Rephat returned to Siabuwa and Binga in early March, to meet with and eccourage the volunteers we had previously trained in these communities. He writes " The group in Malube (near Siabuwa) is very active in assisting the vulnerable children, and had started a gardening project to feed the children. They have faced challenges and  setbacks, with wild animals destroying some of the plants, but have perserved with the pastors playing a leading role." 

He adds "Some of the volunteer groups have split, and are meeting in smaller groups in different locations, which means that both the volunteers and children don't have to walk too far, and also enables them to protect their feilds from animals during the rainy season."

It is encouraging to see that, despite our absence over the last months due to logistical and financial constaints, the churches in the area are applying the teaching that Rephat and our team have given over the years, and are caring for the children in their area. We pray that they will go from strength to strength.

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