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The Michael Project
The Michael Project


Date: 2011-07-06

 Meeting with some of the children and staff of this A.C.E. centre, it was great to find an atmosphere which was positive and calm and the children busy studying. It was also a joy to see the bright expectant and happy faces of the children as they greeted me politely and warmly and I could tell that they were all feeling comfortable in their surroundings.

The learning centre does have its issues, when the power is off (a regular occurrence) the room they are in is not bright, however thankfully the school was donated a small inverter and battery system which means that each child does have a light at their desk and so are not inconvenienced by the lack of electricity. The current room is just big enough for the seven children it already has but expansion is being planned for when it is needed. Currently there is a shortage of reading material for the children, reading is a vital part of this style of education and the children are encouraged to read as much literature as possible to exercise their brains, a variety of material is encouraged to develop different areas of learning.

I spoke to three of the children about the school each had a different experience of schooling prior to attending the SLC. The most common problem which children seem to face in conventional schools is the fact that most classes are approx 45-50 children per teacher, therefore it was not at all surprising that one of the things the children enjoy the most was the one-to-one times with the teacher.

Speaking with Abigail the supervisor of the centre she shared with me some of the burdens which these children bring to school and how it affects their school work. Abigail understands many of these issues as she too was raised an orphan and can identify with some of the behaviour and attitudes. She has found it an amazing experience to be able to have a positive and Godly impact on these children’s lives and has seem huge growth personally and educationally even in this very short space of time.

Prayer Points:

• Resources - for future development of the school and current shortages i.e. books
• Healing and Restoration – for the children who have suffered from their personal situations
• Wisdom and Grace – for the teachers, how to deal with issues that the children share with them

Thank you for your prayers
God Bless

Jackie Brown

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