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The Michael Project
The Michael Project


Date: 2009-07-18

Our family at Shalom is growing !  Our latest resident is a little boy who has no parents and has been ‘looked after’ by extended family who unfortunately abused him. When we were contacted he was in hospital with broken limbs. He has been with a few months now and his communication is slowly improving as is his behaviour.  Unfortunately, probably due to previous physical abuse, he is brain damaged and we are praying that the Lord will bring healing to this happy but traumatised little boy.
Another new resident at Shalom is a little boy who we have known for nearly 4 years and who was born at Chikurubi Female Prison.  Unfortunately he was being subject to some very unpleasant things in the cell and his mother, who is in for murder, asked if we could help her find somewhere safe for him.  How wonderful it was to now be in a position to pop him in the truck and bring him home !  He is delighted and I don’t think realised there was a big, wide world out there with gardens to run around in and all that comes with being free.
We have a Christian lady who is in her 2nd year of a psychology degree, working with the boys three times a week to help them achieve their full potential and we praise God for her commitment and love for these children. 
 We praise God for Shalom and the opportunities that vulnerable and abused children will now be given to live normal lives. 

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