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The Michael Project
The Michael Project


Date: 2017-03-15

Our first stop was in Chikurubi, a day care facility housed in a building within the high security prison. The children were singing when we arrived and were enjoying themselves. We were introduced to 27 children, aged from 9 months to 6 years old, and not long after they were tucking into their breakfast. The children were keen to eat and looked forward to getting a sticker when they had finished.


The building was small and cramped. The teacher and the adult helpers showed a real commitment and showed the love and grace of God in very challenging conditions. We were told that the children in the class were made up from both children of the women in prison and some children of the guards on site. The guards have been impressed with the quality of the children’s educational experiences, and how they have developed and grown, that they want their children to have the same experiences.

We were both very inspired that a small group of people, working in a difficult situation with few resources, were having such a positive impact in touching the hearts of the guards, as well as the children. This relationship has developed over the years and is a testament to how God can use people, when there is love, prayer and commitment.

We wondered where we were being taken for a second stop as we were driven through fields and along extremely bumpy roads. It was the pre-school at Wingate, housed in a building that the golf course had given. It enabled a school to be set up for the children of the workers at the golf course as well as the local farm workers. Here again the children were singing as we arrived, really enjoying their learning through song. They were singing in Shona but they had a good time learning “Mr Noah built the ark” song in English taught by Fay. Both the children and the adults had a great time. Once again we were impressed by the commitment and hard work of the staff in challenging circumstances.

Our next visit was Greystone ECD, which is held in one of the church rooms. Here the children were involved in a range of activities from threading beads, playing with plastic figures and using stickle bricks. All were happy, involved in their activities and playing alongside each other. When it was time to change activities, the children moved around the room well. These children only attended the pre-school in the morning.

Our final visit was a brief stop at the Shalom Children’s Home. The children here are grouped into family groups as it would be in a family home. Each group had their own family sitting room with games and books etc. Most of the children were outside happily playing in the wonderful garden space around the property. Another amazing situation for vulnerable children to feel safe, loved and cared for.

We left the Michael project feeling totally inspired by the commitment shown by those who were expressing the love of Jesus to many vulnerable children; children who are being given opportunities in their young lives that they wouldn’t otherwise get. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of seeing and experiencing the project first hand. They have left an indelible mark in our hearts. We hope and pray that we would be able to help and support the wonderful work of the Michael Project in developing a sustainable partnership.

Yvonne Steel and Fay Thompson


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