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The Michael Project
The Michael Project

24 June 20171st Quarter Newsletter 2017
Read our newsletter to find out what we have been up to in 2017.
21 June 2017River of Life Partners with Kings Church, London
Through River of Life's partnership with Kings Church London The Michael Project benefited from a visit by two former Head Teachers.
25 May 2017Pre-Schools in Action!
Second term kicked off to a flying start. Chikurubi pre-school went to a wildlife park for their school trip and Shalom pre-school enjoyed learning all about the environment.
14 April 2017Holiday Clubs!
At the end of each term, our pre-schools run holiday clubs open to children of all ages.
13 April 2017Great Eggspectations!
Thanks to a local farmer’s generous donation our children got to enjoy nutritious eggs.
10 April 2017Count Down to Orphan Sunday 2017!
12 November 2017 - One Day, One Voice, One Purpose
05 April 2017Make the Connection!
We kicked off a 5 week Connection Training at River of Life Eastlea on the 4th of April 2017.
03 April 2017New Truck for the Michael Project
We thank God for our new truck donated to us by a friend of the Michael Project.
23 March 2017Get Involved!
Ever wondered how you can help orphans in your community?
15 March 2017An inspirational visit to the Michael Project February 2017
On February 28th 2017, Fay and I, two retired head teachers from Kings Church in London, had the privilege of visiting the sites of the Michael Project.
20 February 2017New Classroom at Chikurubi!
After many prayers and trusting God for finances, a new classroom was finally added to our Pre-school at Chikurubi.
14 February 2017Adoption Legislature
Ever wondered who is eligible to adopt or be adopted?
03 January 2017Newsletter - December 2016
Our end of year newsletter is out!
22 November 2016ORPHAN SUNDAY 2016
We celebrated Orphan Sunday on the 13th of November together with churches from around the world. We share One day: One voice: One purpose- to raise awareness of the reality of the orphan and what God says about His heart for each orphan.
28 September 2015Gladiators to Visit Shalom
The men of River of Life will be gathering together to breathe new life into the property at our children's home on 3 October! Please contact the church office if you would like to join their team of gladiators!
13 September 20158 Weeks Until Orphan Sunday
Has your church planned an event for Orphan Sunday yet? River of Life will be participating and we encourage your church to as well!
09 September 2015Help us welcome our new teacher!
We have a new teacher joining us this term at our preschool at River of Life Greystone Park. If you see Sira around GP please give her a warm welcome! We are so glad she joined our team!
13 January 2015New Name, Same Heart
Greystone Park Church has merged with River of Life Eastlea! We will now be called River of Life Church. The Michael Project offices will still be located at River of Life Greystone Park.
29 October 2014Orphan Sunday - 2 November 2014
2 November is Orphan Sunday, a day when Christians from around the world come , together on One Day, with One Voice and One Purpose.
01 August 2014Southern Africa Orphan Summit 2014
Rephat & Sue recently attended, and presented workshops, at the first Southern Africa Orphan Summit in Pretoria, South Africa. The theme of the summit, which was organised by the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO), was AFRICA ARISE and was attended by delegates from countries throughout southern and central Africa. See www.saos2014.org
22 July 2014Wingate School Trip to Safety Sam
As the end of the winter term approaches, the children from the Wingate Pre-School recently had a wonderful outing to 'Safety Sam', a road traffic safety centre run by the Rotary Club in Harare.
16 July 2014Wingate toilet block completed
The new toilet block at the Wingate Pre-School has now been completed.
22 May 2014New toilet block at Wingate
Great excitement as the hole for the new toilet block at Wingate pre-school is dug by one of the men in the community.
27 March 2014Ministry to the mothers in prison
Fortnightly Pastor Nyarenda and his team minister to the mother's incarcerated at Chikurubi Prison. The counselling and discipleship that the team gives has seen much fruit.
30 October 2013Rephat facilitates meeting with pastors in Masvingo
Rephat was recently invited to Masvingo, in the south of the country) to facilitate and address a meeting of 50 pastors from various churches in the area to initiate discussion in the role of the church in reaching orphaned and vulnerable children, in particular adoption and foster care.
03 October 2013Michael Project Team Training
Once a month we bring the whole team together for training and equipping. Since July we have been running a course called The Connection, helping our teachers and mothers understand the issues that affect children who have come from 'hard places' and learn how to bring healing and restoration to these hurting children.
17 September 2013Foster support groups
On a monthly basis, ladies from the community come to The Michael Project, referred by social welfare, to receive formula milk and nappies (diapers) for the babies that they are caring for.
31 August 2013Kilimanjaro Challenge - They Made It !
The team from Arundel School recently completed their fundraising challenge for The Michael Project, and made it to Uhuru Peak at the summit of Kilimanjaro. The flag in the summit picture was painted by the children at Shalom prior to the journey… plus The Michael Project flag is on the right. The team’s mascot was Simba, chosen because the Shalom children’s favourite movie is the Lion King. Each day a different Arundel girl carried him on their back-pack all the way to summit!
04 July 2013Team from Lancaster Bible College visits
What a fantastic week we’ve just experienced in The Michael Project with the team from Lancaster Bible College. The children were thoroughly spoilt by an amazing programme that included puppet shows, lively songs accompanied by guitar and fun crafts. The ‘experts’ on the team also blessed the mums at Shalom who struggle with issues such as delayed learning and developmental delays with some of the children in their care. Thank you LBC !
02 July 2013Climbing a Mountain for the Kids
It was a privilege to be asked to speak to a team of enthusiastic and adventurous six formers from Arundel High School, Harare who are climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in August.
01 February 2013Solar Geysers for Shalom
We have installed 2 new solar geysers at our Shalom Children's Home, which will ensure that there is plenty of hot water despite powercuts! We are hoping to install 2 more, so that each family unit at Shalom will have their own.
28 January 2013Shalom Learning Centre moves location
With the increase in the number of children in Shalom Children’s Home, it was decided to move the Learning Centre to Greystone Park Church. Not only is this beneficial for the children’s concentration but it also means that they get to have a change of scenery as they travel across town for school. There are now 13 children in the Learning Centre and they are loving their new desks and classroom. Mrs Ferreira is our newly appointed Headmistress and together with Abby and Sheila this team are ensuring the children receive an excellent education.
11 October 2012ORPHAN SUNDAY - 4th NOVEMBER
On Orphan Sunday, Christians stand for the orphan. We are people called to defend the fatherless ... to care for the child that has no family ... to visit orphans in their distress. From many sources, one voice. On 4th November 2012, thousands of events echo around the globe, all sharing a single goal: that God's great love for the orphan will find echo in our lives as well. The Michael Project is part of this.
07 August 2012A trip to the farm
As one of the topics this term was 'Animals and Nature' the teachers decided to take the children from the pre-school for an outing to a local farm where they could see horses, ducks, rabbits and various other animals.
12 June 2012Orphan Care & Advocacy
Our newest area of ministry is with orphaned and abandoned babies within the hospital system. These babies are often found by the police or social welfare and brought to the hospital, who are already operating at full capacity and are therefore not in a position to look after these abandoned babies. Simple needs that we can meet are the supply of nappies, formula and clothing.
08 May 2012Shalom Learning Centre
With 7 children currently studying in the Learning Centre and another 6 children (between 5 & 6 years) doing the ABC's programme at the church (where they learn to read and write), we will soon be in need of further classrooms for the Learning Centre. This is an exciting prospect and something we would love you to partner with us in.
10 April 2012Shalom Bus
Thanks to funds raised by Jacaranda Trust, we were able to purchase a bus for the Shalom Children's Home. The arrival of this smart, second-hand vehicle was greeted with great joy by the children and staff of the home, especially those who had been travelling from the home to the church for pre-school each day, in the back of the pick-up truck. Regular cleaning parties take place to keep the bus in pristine condition!
25 March 2012Baptism
What a privilege to be at the baptism of Clayton during the evening service at Greystone Park Church. This young man has obviously grown physically since his arrival with us in the home, but to witness his spiritual growth as well is wonderful.
The registration for our Shalom Children’s Home has been issued! Social Welfare presented Rephat with the certificate this week, and with great joy and excitement, the whole Michael Project team celebrated with the Shalom children at a local pizza restaurant. Thank you for praying with us through this process over the last 4 years, and PRAISE GOD for His faithfulness and timing. As the Shalom team now move back to the home as a family, please pray that the children would adjust quickly, and that as new children come into the home, they would know God’s amazing love.
The Shalom Learning Centre recently relocated from the church to Shalom Children’s Home, and now includes six children from another home in the same suburb of Harare. Jackie Brown writes about her visit to the school.
Paul Wright, the children's pastor from Greystone Park Fellowship, has started to teach the Shalom children to swim.
Rephat recently returned to visit the communities in Siabuwa and Binga, to meet with the trained volunteers and to encourage them.
01 March 2011A LOOK BACK AT 2010
Looking back at what has happened; in a year, in Zimbabwe, in ministry; leaves one lasting impression, which is confirmation that despite the ‘Zim situation’, despite our fallen nature and despite our agenda, God is in control and will work out His purpose.
There was great excitement today as we welcomed 300 day old chicks to the new Shalom Chicken Shed. Dave, Tonderayi, Ephraim and Tinashe were the veritable mother hens fussing over their babies as they weighed a sample selection (average 40g), checked the ‘brooder’ temperature, water feeders and wood chips at half hourly intervals.
Whilst waiting for our registration we have been taking the Shalom children across town to GPCF every morning for pre-school. With only a few children we realised that the teachers were underutilised and getting slightly de-motivated. The decision was therefore made, to open the pre-school doors to the community around Greystone Park Fellowship so that we could reach out to the orphaned and vulnerable children in our own area.
D-Day for our first batch of 300 day-old chicks is next Wednesday (16th February)! There has been much activity over the last few weeks, as Dave and the team of Michael Project guys have been installing everything from water tanks and pipes to feeders and wire mesh in preparation for the arrival of the birds. After all of the preparation, it will be exciting to see chickens in the house!
We began this year very positively hopeful for the new beginnings and breakthroughs that we felt God was promising, so we are excited that whilst Pastor Rephat attended a meeting recently with regards to our work in Chikurubi Prison, he was introduced to the Head of Social Welfare and was able to enquire as to why we were still waiting for our registration to be granted.
Children at our Chikurubi Daycare Centre recently had their 'graduation' and end of year party, with party food kindly being donated by Mrs Wijers form 1,2 & 3 classes from St Johns College, Harare.
Construction of the chicken houses began in earnest when Chris Coles, a visitor from the UK, spent three weeks with us in November. A day after arriving, Chris was thrown into the deep end and was running around Harare in our bakkie (pick-up truck) sourcing cement, gum poles & roof sheets .. all a bit of a culture shock!
All of Team Michael Project finished the 94.7 Cycle Challenge in what they have described as a very difficult race. Two of our guys broke the 3 hour mark with Bob Henson achieving 2Hrs 50min (placing 972 out of 16,306) and Ken Sharpe 2Hrs 57min. Five of our team finished in the top 15% of the field. WELL DONE guys!
In conjunction with the Siloam Academy, we have setup the Shalom Learning Centre using the ACE curriculum to cater for the educational needs of the children from Shalom Children's Home.
27 October 2010Cyclists training for 94.7 Challenge fundraiser
On 21 November 2010, six guys from Harare will be competing in the 94.7 Cycle Challenge in Johannesburg, South Africa, to raise funds to establish a chicken producing project at Shalom.
As a ministry, we have been facing many challenges of late, and we strongly feel that we need to pray believing that God will respond and make things happen. When He does, one sure thing is that He speaks to people like you and I, and uses us to respond to the needs. As we hear His voice and respond, MOUNTAINS are removed.
Our team recently attended a two day course with Foundations for Health, learning about herbs and natural medicine.
03 August 2010Keep Praying for Shalom Childrens Home
The Social Welfare committee deciding on the registration of children’s homes, are meeting this month to approve some of the many applications they have received. Please pray with us that Shalom will be one of the homes on the agenda and that we will receive final approval to operate.
04 June 2010World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk
Join Christians around the World in praying for Children at Risk. In Mark 10: 13-16, we see Jesus’ frustration with the disciples who were rebuking those bringing the children to Him
10 May 2010100 children at Wingate Holiday Club
Peggy writes about her experiences at the Wingate holiday club
21 April 2010The Michael Project on Facebook
The Michael Project is now on Facebook. To become a fan ..
14 April 2010Volunteer arrives from England
Over the next 3 months Peggy Mercer, who is from the UK, will be helping with the children at Shalom and Wingate.
06 April 2010New Development at Shalom
There is the possiblilty of setting up a home school at Shalom, so please join us in praying for this new and exciting development.
24 March 2010MP cyclists ride in the Cape Argus
A group of cyclists from Harare, recently represented The Michael Project in the Argus Cycle Tour in Cape Town, South Africa.
01 March 2010Dave and Rupert take a walk on the wild side
Dave and Rupert (a leader in the church) go and visit Rephat on location in Binga.
19 February 2010Alpha at Chikurubi Prison
The Michael Project outreach team visit the mothers at Chikurubi Prison
30 December 2009Other events in December
December also saw volunteers graduate in Siabuwa, the children at Chikurubi receive Christmas boxes from Samaritans Purse, and the Michael Project team Christmas lunch, complete with silly hats!
24 December 2009US Marines treat the children at Shalom
Marines from the US embassy in Harare, visited Shalom on Christmas Eve, with gifts for the children from their 'Toys for Tots' program
15 December 2009An outing to Greenwood Park
Helen and the team took the children from both Chikurubi and Shalom for a Christmas outing to Greenwood Park.
09 December 2009A letter from the Pastor in Simatelele
Pastor Siapani, from the Simatelele Church of Christ in the Binga area, recently wrote a report on The Michael Project's work in Simatelele.
04 December 2009Children Graduate from Pre-schools
With much excitement 40 children graduated from the Wingate and Chikurubi Pre-schools
17 November 2009They Made It
Dave, Rupert and John all finished the 94.7 Cycle Challenge in Jo'burg despite the extreme heat and longer course.
10 November 2009A visit to Kawanzaruwa Primary School
Rephat recently visited Kawanzaruwa Primary School to minister to the children.
31 October 2009Dave to cycle in 94.7 Challenge
30,000 people will be competeing in the 94.7 Cycle Challenge in Jo'burg, South Africa on 15th November, and our Dave will cycling again to raise funds for the Michael Project
15 September 2009Rephat writes about Binga
Twaatambule Mapona!! This is how you are greeted as you arrive in Binga. Meaning “Welcome- Greetings!
18 July 2009Shalom family is growing
Two little boys have recently joined the family at Shalom Childrens Home, bringing the number of children we are looking after to ten.
16 July 2009Record number of children at Wingate
With a high demand for pre-school education, the teachers at the Wingate pre-school are finding it hard to turn children away.
03 July 2009Changes at the Chikurubi Daycare Centre
We have had a few staff changes at the Chikurubi Daycare Centre.
29 December 20082008 In Review
2008 was a tumultuous year in Zimbabwe, with many challenges and triumphs. We had a few of our own!
30 November -0001Shalom Learning Centre
The Learning Centre moves to Greystone Park Church
30 November -0001Adoption and Fostering Leader's Breakfast
Church leaders are gathering at Vanilla Moon today to find out more about God's heart for the orphan
30 November -0001The Learning Centre Moves Location
Growing and Moving !