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Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Tantenda and Lovemore are two of the boys attending the Wingate Pre-school. Both are five years old and have been orphaned, so they know what it is like to live without parents, and without hope. Blessing, from the Wingate Church, now cares for them and their attendance at the pre-school has given them a head start in life. They now dream of becoming a headmaster and a doctor.

Like many in Zimbabwe, this community suffers from economic hardship and poverty, and none more than the children. Since 1999, we have been working with the local church, training volunteers and helping them to reach out to the children in their community. In 2002, we established the Wingate Community Pre-school, with teachers from the area, which currently caters for 50 children from Wingate, as well as the nearby high density area of Hatcliffe. Not only do these children receive a much needed pre-school education, but also a daily meal, clothes and medical attention ... not to mention a good dose of fun and games.

Through our volunteer training programme, men and women from the Wingate Church are visiting the children in their homes, to ensure that they are being cared for. Through this, we  assist with school fees, food and clothing for children of all ages, as well as running activity and craft clubs, prayer groups and helping with school homework.

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